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There are many types of cartilage piercings; and these pieces work beautifully in most of them, particularly in the auricle, conch, tragus, anti-tragus, helix, snug, rook, daith and forward helix.

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Adorn your conch piercing with a 9k solid gold cartilage earring or seamless clicker hoop.

The Conch is the perfect placement for a little stud to nestle prettily, or for a seamless clicker hoop to stand out.  All solid gold cartilage earrings are designed to wear 24/7!

This collection is guide for your healed conch piercing, everybody's anatomy is different, so what fits one ear may not fit another, so please measure before purchasing or ask your piercer what size you should choose.

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The Daith piercing has become so popular and with some of the most beautiful eye catching jewellery available, it's easy to see why.  It is the most striking piercing placement with endless possibilities to dress it up with front facing daith earrings with huge amounts of sparkle

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Helix piercings seem to be the most natural progression from the lobe piercing to the next cartilage piercing and the helix is considered any part of the upper cartilage of the ear. As well as the standard helix piercing in the upper cartilage which is the best position if you want to wear a hoop, you can also get flat, forward, backward, double or even triple helix piercings!

Style your helix piercing with a 9k or 14k solid gold earring from the collection, seamless clicker hoops or flat back internally threaded labrets are ideal for the helix piercing.

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If you're on an earring website, then chances are that you have one of the most common and popular ear piercings which is of course the lobe piercing.  Times have changed since the standard one lobe piercing was all we had, and now you can have as many lobe piercings as your ear can handle, plus with the stacked lobe trend you can create a seriously beautiful curated ear.

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Of all the different piercings, the rook piercing is in one of the more creative locations and you can really get imaginative with your jewellery.  Its placement is on the fold of cartilage above the daith. The rook is such a cool and unusual little piercing and is a great addition. There are specific oval shaped hoops available below or dress up a simple hoop with one of the charms, the possibilities for your rook piercing are endless!

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The septum piercing actually originated from Indian and warrior cultures.  People with their septum pierced used to be considered rebellious, but it has very much become an admired piercing now, and with absolutely beautiful pieces to wear, it's less for rebels, more for those wanting to make a statement!

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Show off your tragus piercing with a flat back solid gold stud or little huggie hoop. Comfort is definitely in order with this intricate piercing placement

These pieces are for your healed tragus piercing, if you are unsure of size, check with your piercer or an existing piece you have.


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