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As I sit here attempting to write this, that old familiar hot ball of anxiety hits me in the chest.  For those that know me, and my being honest on stories, I had a bit of a tough time towards the end of last year with my health, and it seemed to be all anxiety based.  I addressed it and took the whole of December as annual leave from my ‘real’ job, and with clarity from being on medication and the time to reflect on what was important (my health, my children and my relationship) I decided that I needed to make some big decisions.

Firstly, friends always say to me, why do you say ‘real’ job with air quotes? Why would you not say H&C is a real job?  It’s a valid point, and I have told the story many times of how I started my business with £400 in the hope that I could pay for a kick ass holiday each year for our family.

As it turns out, Helix & Conch is very much a REAL job.  In 3 years I have grown more than I dared to dream, because weirdly, even though when I was a brand consultant I helped new and small businesses launch globally (and very successfully), I always doubted whether I could do it for my own business.

I want to thank every single one of you that has bought from me once, twice, 8 times (you know who you are ladies!) and the men that come to me for advice on pieces for the woman in their lives and have come back time and time again. It is your ongoing support that has got me to a point where I can now say out loud that I left my employed job at the end of May to fully focus on Helix & Conch!!

EEEEK!!!  Every time I write it, or say it out loud, I feel a little bit sick to be honest.  (If people stop liking earrings, then I am screwed, but then I also think this curated ear lark isn’t fading away any time soon, and so why not give it all I have got?)

I can’t stress enough that if you have an itch that needs scratching like I did, then scratch it.  Isn’t it better to try and fail, than to never try, and therefore never know if you could have done it?  My goodness, when I look back to the pictures I took myself and with my other half James, I don’t even know how I ended my first year on 5 figures… hours of frustration, of lighting being crap, of earrings falling over just as you got them into position, not understanding the first thing about SEO, google and other boring stuff. (still don’t, thankfully I can now pay people that do!)   It’s things like the wonderful Sam ChapmanCat SimsMyleene KlassJo Elvin and more mentioning me that got my name out there, and then amazing friends I have made through the squares on Instagram like KatieGillianKatie Snooks,  LucyPascale

I don’t often ask anything of anybody, but if you’ve got this far down my inane chatter, then I figure it’s now or never;  So, word of mouth is how many of you know and found me.  If you have ever bought from me, please remember to post your pics on instagram and tag me.  Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, it only takes one of them to see your pics, come to my site and buy something, and there I have another H&C member of the crew!  Women supporting and lifting women goes a huge distance in my book.  Maybe share this blog too?

I have got some exciting things planned for the year ahead because now I will have time to really work on this stuff and I cannot wait to update you.   I am also now able to turn my thoughts and designs for new pieces that are scribbled into a book into real pieces we can wear in our ears in time! (unless the makers tell me I am nuts and the ideas will never work or are just plain dumb – highly possible)

Thank you so much for being part of my journey so far, and I hope you stay on it with me.  As always, I am always open to suggestions, requests and ideas, so just email me at

Finally, this is a request from not just me, but so many other small brands, we are getting lost on social media, did you know that if you are on a page you like, that you can tap on the bell icon in the top right and select to be notified when they post?  Please keep liking, commenting, saving and sharing things you like, you have no idea how much it means to us.

Thank you! 

Stick around - without you I am nothing!