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What is the difference between an internally threaded and an externally threaded stud?

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know how I feel about externally threaded labrets….in short, I believe they are the devils work and should get in the bin along with piercing guns.

I’m going to try to keep this short, as I could rant forever about this topic….

Two pics below. One external thread, one internal.

Which would you rather go through your ear? You’ll always go for the smooth post, no? (although, many of you do surprise me daily, so I could be wrong!!)

An internally threaded labret has (in my eyes) a very obvious advantage over externally threaded labrets. If you look at the externally threaded post on the right above, those coarse threads (basically the same as a screw from your DIY box) must pass through the piercing when you put in or take out the piece. This is likely to tear or damage the skin around the piercing, and the inner cartilage…. especially if it’s a new piercing.

And for any germophobes… there is no reason why the exposed threads wouldn’t collect bacteria as they go through the piercing, which will then harbour nicely in the piercing and possibly cause infections. 

If you MUST wear externally threaded studs, wait until it is well and truly healed, nobody wants a bump at the back of the ear, or a keloid that basically means you end up having to let it close up. Make your life easier and just go for internally threaded, so it passes through the piercing smoothly and is hassle free.  It’s a little more complicated to put it in through the back of the ear, but I promise you, that little bit of frustration is worth it. (I’ll be giving you a step by step guide on how I do that too in the next email you get from me)

I’ll leave my rant on gun piercings for another day, that is a whole load of editing I will need to do to tone down my angry words and language!

Let me know if you have any questions! Oh, and needless to say, ALL of my labrets are internally threaded….imagine that!



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