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Ear Design Service

I love to help you work out which pieces to mix with others, whether it is working around your current staple pieces, or curating your entire ear stack, it is where I love to spend time being creative.
All I need from you is a picture of your ears.  These may be the hardest picture you will ever take, believe me!  I recommend not doing it in selfie mode, as the focus is never good, so use the back camera on your phone and angle yourself in front of the mirror so you can see that you've got the full ear in focus. (or if you live with someone, ask them to take it!)

I then ideally need to know the distance in mm from your piercing to the edge of your ear as some of my tiny huggies are best on piercings near the edge.

Let me know what style you like; are you a plain and simple girl or fancy a bit of sparkle? Maybe a mix of both? 
Of course, it will be useful to know which colour metal you prefer, gold, silver or rose gold. 

If you can finish off with a budget in mind, then great.  If it is a case of you using the design service as a shopping list and adding to your collection bit by bit, then let me know. 
So, drop me an email with the above info, and I will get to work! Designs will be emailed back to you within 7 days of receiving your email.
Let's get started!